The final judgement has been handed down in the long running Gary Friedrich vs Marvel (Ghost Rider) case, and now we know the full amount that Friedrich owes Marvel.  That's right, Marvel, a company that stands to make millions of dollars from the upcoming Ghost Rider II movie, and is paying Nicholas Cage millions to portray a character that Friedrich created, now wants money from Friedrich - in specific $17,000.  And they'd like that $17,000 now, please.  In full.

This stipulation has been agreed upon and so ordered by the court, with the final judgement reflecting all that contained within.  This now means that Gary Friedrich has the right to appeal, and appeal he shall, but it also means that he now owes Marvel Comics, a multi-million dollar making machine, backed by the multi-billion dollar Disney company, $17,000 and cannot ever sell anything related to Ghost Rider, nor can he even say that he created Ghost Rider for any form of gain or advertising.  Well done Marvel!!  I do wonder though, how does the likes of Joe Quesada, who has also made millions from Marvel in recent times, take the court's judgement?  As Friedrich himself has stated, he is unemployed, has no real assets and is, for all intents and purposes, destitute.  $17,000 might be chump change for some, but for someone in Friedrich's situation it's a lot of cash.

Marvel should be ashamed.  Those in management there are probably congratulating themselves, having paid their legal team hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue this claim, and are more than likely overjoyed that they not only won, but also eked out the last cash from Friedrich's pockets.  And for all of those who are intending to go and see the Ghost Rider movie - remember the fate of the man who made it possible, all those years ago.  I doubt he can afford a ticket, and Marvel won't be inviting him to the premier any time soon.  I think, instead of going to see the movie, I'll see if anyone is starting a fund to raise the $17,000 on Gary's behalf and will donate to that instead.  And if you have Quesada's ear, let him know what you think of this, and don't accept any weak excuses in return.

Here's the stipulation, because people are asking for it:

Here's the final judgement, clearly outlining the $17,000 that is now owed, to Marvel Comics, by the creator of Ghost Rider.

 I recived this email just this morning, taking offence at the posting of the legal documents.  At the moment I'm working through it all as the Chilling Effects databse is down, as usual, so I can't see who ordered the takedown.  Here's the notice.

If anyone is able to get into the database and can email me the details of the takedown, then please do.  Beats me.

Apparently someone called Lugi Novi took offence at the image of Gary himself.  I guess even Gary Friedrich doesn't own his own photos these days.  Oh well... all sorted.

Next time, try and email me directly before bringing in the heavy lads.


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