More Fun With Archie - The Other Side Of The Story...

Yesterday I posted the legal document that Nancy Silberkleit has filed, asking for $50,000,000 in damages from Archie and Jonathan Goldwater for defamation of character, amongst other claims.  One thing the document has shown is that all is most definitely not well at family friendly Archie Comics, indeed the company is starting to look more like a car crash reality show than the pure of heart Riverdale.  By now I expect that people have read the New York Post links and are probably asking, where did the animosity against Silberkleit originate from?  Well, look no further than Archie HQ itself.

These are the documents at the core of the issue.  These documents, comprising of Silberkleit's employment agreement, emails and a very inflammatory Human Resources report which contains the bulk of the allegations against Silberkleit, were filed as part of the original restraining order preventing Silberkleit from coming anywhere near Archie HQ, physically, let alone having anything to do with Archie on any level.  The HR report documents a litany of employee allegations, ranging from the serious in the form of paranoia, harassment, threats and arguments, through to petty complaints about Silberkleit's personal hygiene.  These are also the documents that were, allegedly, leaked to the New York Post and formed the basis of their reporting, if you believe Silberklet, before they were filed.  As to who leaked them, well that's a matter of debate.  The documents are damning and, depending on who you believe, are either proof that Silberkleit went right off the rails during her time at Archie, or are a cleverly orchestrated attempt to remove her from the company, thus handing sole and complete control over to her co-CEO, Jonathan Goldwater.  Now that the feline has truly tunnelled from and fled the hessian sack to warmer climes, things are heating up.  It's going to take a very impartial, and patient, magistrate to make sense of all of this and lead Archie back into the light.  Perhaps the best thing for all concerned is for everyone to cut their losses, sell the company to a third party and just walk away.

Somehow I just don't see that happening anytime soon.  Expect more soiled sheets to be hung up on the washing line in the not so distant future.

And they all lived happily ever after...


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