An Important Message On Behalf Of Tom Ziuko

Hello -- my name is Gary Mann, writing here on Tom's behalf. You may not know me, but if you read comic-books or grew up reading them, chances are you're familiar with the name Tom Ziuko, and his work.

Tom was recently hospitalised for the second time in less than a year; this time requiring emergency surgery. I've helped to create this Facebook page for Tom in order to bring attention to his current medical situation, and hopefully gain assistance in order to help him out.

Tom is a comic-book colorist by profession -- over the course of his thirty year career he's worked primarily for DC and Marvel Comics; as well as a host of other independent publishers. His credits include work on a wide variety of characters and genres, ranging from Superman, Bat-Man, Spider-Man and Captain America to Dracula and The Shadow; and on titles as diverse as Crisis on Infinite Earths and The History of the DC Universe, from Hellblazer to Looney Toons; as well as dozens of others.

I've known Tom since we were both young comic-book fans back in the 1970's, and I've started up this Facebook page in order to hopefully raise some much needed financial assistance for him. Tom is a freelance artist, unable to afford health insurance, and the last year has been brutal for him -- in December of 2010 he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure; he spent the following months in the hospital being treated for this, and then convalescing at home, during which time he was also diagnosed with neuropathy.

Then in September he was dealt another life threatening blow -- he had to have emergency surgery to repair his strangulated colon. He was facing a possible colostomy -- but I'm happy to report that his surgeons were able to save both his life and his colon.

After spending another month in the hospital, Tom is currently recuperating at home, although still unable to return to work full-time. Early last year, Tom's friend and fellow freelance artist Alan Kupperberg mounted an effort to help raise some funds for him; and a great non-profit organisation, The Hero Initiative, has played a major role in helping Tom to survive during this last year, keeping him afloat and literally saving him from becoming homeless. But Tom continues to face a mountain of medical bills, personal expenses and debt.

And so I appeal to those of you who may have been touched by Tom's work over the last three decades; in that you might be able to contribute to assisting him financially while he continues his recovery. I know that times are tight right now for everyone, but any contribution you might be able to make, no matter how small, would be both beneficial and greatly appreciated by Tom.

We have a Paypal account set up if you'd like to contribute over the internet then you can do so using this email address. And whether you're able to contribute funds or not, you can write to Tom directly here on Facebook, or at his email address in order to send him get-well wishes, to say hello and wish him a speedy recovery, or just to let him know if you've enjoyed his work over the years.

If you want to contribute directly to Tom's assistance fund, you can do so at Paypal

On behalf of both Tom and myself -- thank you so much!
- Gary Mann


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