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Stolen Artwork Alert & A Warning For All

Clifford Meth and Michael Netzer have both reported on this issue in recent times, but I thought I'd throw my own two cents worth into the mix.  It's well known now that a certain, shall we call him 'shitbag', has been cosying up to elderly comic book artists and ultimately ripping them off big time.  The latest victim is inker Joe Giella, who worked at both Marvel and DC back in the day and who was taken for the following art:
Menace of the Man Missile”, pages 1 and 9. Pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Joe Giella“Castle with Wall to Wall Danger” pages 7 and 8. Pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Joe Giella“Green Lantern/Green Arrow” #107 cover. Pencils by Joe Staton, , inks by Joe Giella The same guy also stole a pile of Gene Colan art, including an iconic Star Wars illustration that had been commissioned by none other than George Lucas.  Joe's family, like Gene's family, contacted the police and reported the art stolen, so if you're offered it conta…

Original Art Stories: Captain America #240 Redux - Jim Shooter's Notes

If, like me, you’ve studied comic book history for a while then you’ll be more than familiar with the name Jim Shooter.  For those who don’t know who Jim is, he’s the former Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics and founded several other companies, notably Valiant (Acclaim) and Defiant.  He’s easily one of the most polarising people to work in the comic book field in the past forty years and people have strong opinions on him, both good and bad.  At times Shooter doesn’t exactly help himself, but after being attacked as he has been, for such a sustained period of time, you could forgive him for being slightly aggressive at times, if not downright hostile.  In Shooter’s eyes you’re either with him or against him, and the common argument against him revolves around his habit of rewriting history to suit his own needs (such as his instance that Jack Kirby sued Marvel in the 1980s – it never happened).  Those for Shooter will point you towards the many changes that he brought into effect at Ma…

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