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Superman Ends World War II...No, Really!


Just A Quick Note About Comments

Seriously, I don't have many rules when it comes to my blog and the comments posted.  I know some people don't agree with what I write and I'd be utterly naive to think that I'm universally liked or appreciated - such is life.  But one thing does rankle me, and I intend to put a stop to it right now - no more Anonymous comments.  Pure and simple.  I've changed the settings to stop people from posting stuff without leaving a name, and that's what it comes down to.  If you want to abuse me then fine, go for it.  But have the guts to put your name to it because if you don't, then you're just weak as piss.  I'm fairly certain as to who is leaving the comments, and I don't expect them to actually have the bottle to sign their names, but there you go.

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