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"I am the only one in the world that watched it (the first Superman story) being drawn."

Sometimes a court deposition brings forward something so special that it’s hard not to be moved – this is one such deposition.  Jean Peavy is the sister of none other than Joe Shuster, and if you have to ask who Joe Shuster is then you might as well leave now.  Ms Peavey was deposed as part of the Superman and Superboy cases and her testimony stands as containing some of the most heartfelt moments of the entire case.  Amongst the revelations contained are some absolute gems, that Jean Peavy actually watched Joe Shuster draw the first ever Superman story, that she was there when Jerry Siegel met Joe Shuster for the first time and can recall the thrill and excitement of seeing her brother and Jerry Siegel working together.  Sadly when Joe passed away he left sizable debts, and those debts were settled, in full, by DC Comics after Jean made contact and alerted them of the state of the estate.  DC Comics has also provided a stipend of approximately $25,000 per year to Ms Peavy since Joe p…

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