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Original Art Stories: Kraven's Last Hunt Part II

Welcome to a celebration of the brilliance of J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s Kraven’s Last Hunt.  Over the next few days you’ll see as much of the original art that I could track down, most of it courtesy of dealer Mike Burkey, who has a lot of it for sale over at his site, Romitaman.  Feel free to send down comments, the last post will be devoted to reactions to the art on display and the storyline itself, so if you want to be featured, then shoot me down an email.
Spread out over two months and six issues, Kraven’s Last Hunt marked a major milestone, not only for the character of Spider-Man, but also for comic books as whole.  Not only was it one of the first major crossovers for Marvel, it remains one of the only crossovers in which each issue was just as essential to the story as the others.  This was achieved by giving all (then) three Spider-Man books over to the one creative team, writer J.M. DeMatteis and artists Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod.  This was the first time that such a cr…

The Inkwell Awards: The Sinnott Inking Challenge


Marvel Worldwide, Inc. et al v. Kirby et al - Motion in Limine to Exclude the Expert Report and Testimony of John Morrow

Click on the images to enlarge them. Some very interesting details in this document...and just what does the term 'expert layman' exactly mean?

Dwayne McDuffie: On Panthers, Ben 10s & Denning & Rainiers; The Man Who Lived Like Them, Humanely Honorable

Dwayne McDuffie - On Panthers, Ben 10s & Denning & Rainiers; The Man Who Lived Like Them, Humanely Honorable - by Don McGregor

Dwayne McDuffie stood tall, as a man, as a talent, as a friend.

I had tears in my eyes when I read that Dwayne McDuffie was no longer in the world.

My throat closed up, as if I could not swallow the knowledge that Dwayne was gone, that I would never again hear his voice, that there would never be more words written by him to grace the world.

In the comic book medium, one that has more than its share of scoundrels, Dwayne was honest, kind, compassionate, intelligent and amazingly talented.

We had a lot of loves in common. We had experienced some similar emotional batterings in our personal lives. We both had heart problems at an early age. I don’t recall talking about Panther’s Rage in the first times we met, although we could have, but we did talk about our shared love of comics, of story-telling, of television series that spoke to our hearts and mi…

Marvel Worldwide, Inc. et al v. Kirby et al - John Morrow Speaks

Welcome to Part VI of the transcripts from the Marvel vs Jack Kirby's estate court case.  You can find Part I, Stan Lee's testimony, here, Part II, John Romita, here and Part III, Larry Lieber, here, Part IV, Roy Thomas and Part V, Mark Evanier, is here.

A few things before we check out what John Morrow said about Kirby. Two people have pointed out, one publicly here, the other via a gently worded email, that I was unfair to Mark Evanier. I’ll wear that criticism, because yes, I was unfair. I always stand by what I write, unless there’s a factual error in there that I can change, so I’ll not go back and revise things, but there was at least one fact that I was unaware of about Mark and the way he does things that was explained to me in private, which put a few things into perspective. If I had my time again I’d write things a bit differently, but the crux of what I wrote I’m happy to stand by – Mark hasn’t written everything of note that exists about Marvel, let alone Jac…

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