Original Art Stories: The Captain America #240 That Never Was Part I

Here's a treat for those who love unpublished Marvel stories.  This is the original version of Captain America #240, intended for publication by Marvel Comics in 1979.  Written by Roger McKenzie, the art was fully penciled by Alan Kupperberg and was slated to be inked by Don Perlin before it was killed by Marvel for reasons that Alan has long forgotten.  "I don't think anybody redid these pages," says Alan, "I think Marvel abandoned the story too. I believe that Roger Mackenzie stayed on as the writer."  Well, not quite, for there was to be one more attempt at the issue before Alan linked up with his brother, Paul, to create the issue that was eventually published, a story that pitted Captain America against a bikie gang.  Good days indeed.

Ever the opportunist, at some stage Alan began to ink the story and in a move that would repeated in reverse by Norm Breyfogle later, began to change Cap into Batman, with the view of selling the story to DC Comics.  A good idea, as it did work for Norm when he changed his first Batman story into a Captain America story for Marvel Fanfare, however Alan gave up shortly after starting the changes.  However he did retain all of the pencil art, so it;'s now here for all to enjoy.  And if you're wondering why I'm staying 'Part I', well that'll become obvious in the next few weeks, but until then, have a read of the Captain America #240 that never was.







And, as a little bonus, here's a few pages of original art by Alan Kupperberg and Don Perlin, as published in the official Captain America #240.




Mike D. said…
Kupperberg is a pro baby!...I'd like to see this story fully inked and colored....looks great.
Guess that'll never happen

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