An Open Invite

As I sat down the other day, drifting in and out of a haze of half-sleep I had an idea.  There’s nothing especially amazing about me having an idea, but this time I thought I’d share it.  I’ve noticed that there are some incredibly creative and insightful people who happen to read this blog who tend to leave comments either agreeing or disagreeing with either my views, or the views of others.  To that end I’d like to extend an open invite for people to contribute to this blog in the form of their own entries.

There’d be a few simple rules, the first and foremost being that I’d like people who currently don’t have an outlet for their own views, that being people without a blog of sorts.  A web-site is fine, and if you want to use this opportunity to promote yourself, or your own products, or your own site – that’s fine by me.  Just make sure your links are good.  If you have images, even better.  I’d like for people not to write personal attacks on others, if you do then be prepared for me to contact the subject of your venom and invite them to retort.  That’s life.  And you have to be prepared to sign your name to stuff unless there’s a very good reason why you should remain anonymous.  Other than that, feel free to pick a topic, do your write up and email it through.  Then sit back and see what happens.

Well?  What are you waiting for then?  If you think I've been wrong, or right, on anything recently then tell the world.


Mark Luebker said…
Hey Daniel, it's an intriguing offer, but compared to the research you do and the quality of your posts, I'd be afraid anything I might come up with would be pretty thin soup!

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