Joanne Siegel And Laura Siegel Larson v. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.; Time Warner Inc.; & DC Comics: Jeff Rovin vs Jim Steranko & Mark Evanier

This is what court cases are for - bringing together people from all walks of life, with varying opinions and then pitting them against each other in a legal version of cock fighting.  As part of the recent Joanne Siegel And Laura Siegel Larson, Plaintiffs, v. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc case various depositions were called for, and opinions were sourced on both sides.  DC Comics went for their usual roster of employees and ex-employees, led by Paul Levitz, and the Siegels went for Marc Toberoff's favourite standby experts, Jim Steranko and Mark Evanier.  As was revealed in court, Toberoff's production company has ties with Evanier via Groo being under option for a film, meaning Evanier stands to profit, financially, if the movie goes ahead.  But, as they say, I digress...

The battle you're about to see was waged over, of all things, the Superman logo and the establishing mythos that surround the character.  To prove to the court that the current Superman was vastly different from the original, DC provided scans (which you'll see immediately following this text) and also had noted comic book expert Jeff Rovin prepare a short summary for consideration.  Rovin's report took all of a page and a bit, in response Toberoff engaged his two big guns to pull Rovin's claims apart, which they did, with the same ease as a child would tear the wings off an errant fly.  Despite his vast experience, and credits longer than most people's arms, Rovin didn't stand a chance.  Steranko went for the jugular, Evanier clearly took delight in showing off his knowledge, and both make Rovin look as expert on Superman as Pauly Shore is on brain surgery.

It all adds up to some brilliant reading indeed, as Steranko and Evanier pull out all the stops and in doing so pretty much ensure that they won't be featuring on Rovin's Christmas card list in any great hurry.  Perhaps if Rovin knew what was coming he might have spent more time on his report and less on compiling his list of credits.


James Shooter said…
Is it my imagination or is Jim Steranko looking more like Jerry Springer than Mister Miracle these days?
teasemag said…
Is it my imagination or are you as hurtful as ever?

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