Armageddon Expo Adelaide

Before I start, I suggest that everyone go and visit Don Hudson's blog and check out the exquisite pencil scans that he's been posting of late.  Mazzuchelli, Alan Davis - this is stuff you rarely, if ever, see these days, so if you like the comic book art, then check out Don's blog now.  Plus Don is a great fellow indeed.

Now, back to the topic at hand.  Today marked the first day of the first such event to be held in Adelaide, the Armageddon Expo!  For years Adelaide has been overlooked by such events by the promoters, with Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth getting in on the act.  Why do they overlook Adelaide?  Ask them, not me, as I'm told my theories aren't exactly true.  At least that's what I'm told in public, in private it's a different story.

The show ran like clockwork and it seemed that everyone was having a great time.  We spent virtually no money but sat in on panels by John Ryhs-Davis and Karen Allen to our great delight, and there was more than enough entertainment to satisfy everyone, especially if you like people watching.  And remember, Lance Hendrickson is doing his own panel tomorrow, so that'll be worth the price of admission alone.  And if you have the cash then there's more than enough vendors to help you part with it, so don't be afraid to open the wallet.  Anyway, it was a glorious day indeed and it'll be running again tomorrow, so head on down to Wayville and check out the fun and games.  I certainly hope that this won't be the last one, and going on the size of the crowd I doubt it will be.  Viva La Armageddon!

That's me and artist Ethan Van Sciver!


Anonymous said…
great times in adelaide!

this Clone Trooper enjoyed it much!

- TC7717 "arcticfox"
Royd Burgoyne said…
Hi Daniel,

Glad to hear that the Armageddon Adelaide con went well and that it was well attended! No one disputes that such a con wouldn't do well in Adelaide but population sizes probably dictated the early con location decisions. However, that's all "water under the bridge" as you now have your own con :)

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