Original Art Stories: Sal Velluto & Bob Almond's Thirst

Normally I'd rather drink paint than to write about First Salvo, but one thing they did do, before they decided to flee owing some serious cash to people, was to get some bloody good artists working on stories, both published and unpublished.  Norm Breyfogle was the main artist for them, but they did hire others.  On the strength of my own recommendation they commissioned Alan Weiss to pencil his own cover and to ink one of Breyfogles.  Norm then inked the Weiss cover, with great results.  I'm lucky enough to own them both, along with another unique cover - Trevor Von Eeden, also inked by Breyfogle, a cover that they never paid Trevor for, by the way.

Another set of artists they hired, much to my delight, was none other than Sal Velluto and Bob Almond.  Both artists established their rep as one of the premier artistic teams of all time, in my own opinion, with their stellar work on Marvel's Black Panther.  Bob might not fully agree with me there, but history will bear me out.  It made sense that the Salvo's would have hired Sal and Bob, but what should have been a great issue never happened - Sal and Bob completed the art, along with a cover, but the Salvo's never published it.  Their loss really, so for a Sunday delight, here's the complete story, Thirst, as penciled by Sal Velluto and inked by Bob Almond.  Don't worry if it makes no sense - even with dialogue most of the First Salvo material didn't read that well.  What you really wanted was some beautiful art, and that's what you got!




Bob Almond said…
Oh, Danny....

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. Sorry to rain on your parade but that cover didn't actually go with that story. The 2006 story was "Saga Six: Thirst". In 2007 I'd mentioned to the publisher how Sal and I'd done nine years of straight work together but we'd not done anything for the tenth year so he was considerate enough to throw this Danger's Dozen cover at us....which was awesome, even if none of it was published. Incidentally, we've now done fourteen years by this fall (already did work this year;-))

The Bloodshot BTW was a blueline layout Sal did for me at a show in case I ever needed it so when Officer Mike White was collecting donations for his charity for the Bridgewater P.B.A. LOcal 174 township police department where he works I finished this image and donated it. And you won the auction.

Love you ya big rough-n-tumble aussie lug!
Daniel Best said…
Bob, I knew the cover didn't go with the story, but it looks so sweeeeeeeet!!!
Bob Almond said…
And as you and I just discovered, it turns out that cover WAS published on the back cover of 'Danger's Dozen: Interlude" one-shot, my only printed work at AFS.
Nice of them not to tell me

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