Tom Ziuko: An Update

Last week I posted the details of an appeal to assist Tom Ziuko that Alan Kupperberg is running.  Since that time the details of the appeal have spread far and wide, with blogs and news sites everywhere reporting on it.  Some of the more interesting comments came from the likes of Todd Klein, who wrote about his time working with Tom.   Since then Alan has emailed to share the following news.  "You may say that Tom is completely overwhelmed by the response," says Alan, "and sends his most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who sent either financial help or their good wishes."  This doesn't mean that the appeal is finished, not by a long shot as Tom will be out of work for a fair while to come while he recovers and will have hospital bills to deal with, amongst the usual day to day living expenses, so any donation will be greatly appreciated.

As Alan remarked last week, if everyone who reads this blog were to contribute even one dollar apiece it would be a tremendous boon to Tom. If you want to do a good deed and are able, Tom and I would be so grateful. You can send any contributions to my PayPal account ( and I will pass 100% (plus) along to Tom.

Tom's cable service has been shut down but he has internet access in the hospital. If you wish to contact him, his address is:

If you've not donated yet then there's always time.  In a world where there's suffering on a daily basis, doing a good deed doesn't cost that much, and the warm and fuzzy feeling you'll get from it will serve you well.  Dig deep and send some love, and some much needed cash, Toms way and spread the word far and wide.  In the meantime enjoy just a few of the very excellent comic books that Tom has coloured during his long, and not over, career, including a few images of the Evil Clown courtesy of Alan Kupperberg.





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