Tom Ziuko Needs Your Help And He Needs It NOW!

My good friend Alan Kupperberg sent me this plea this morning.  I strongly urge everyone to dig deep and help Tom out.  Tom's credits go back a fair way, he's worked for virtually every major publisher and he's one of the finest colourists that has ever picked up the markers, pens, pencils and paints to grace the comic book industry.  As is the way in America, there's no universal health care so Tom has to pay his way.  Now I don't want to get into the political debate about that as it'll just waste time and divert the focus, so do the right thing and donate to Tom, via Alan.  All the money donated will go directly to Tom, do dig deep and spread the word - let's start the year by doing not only the right thing, but a good thing.  The images shown here don't even represent a fraction of the work that Tom has done over the past three decades, but it's a good place to start.


Tom Ziuko, good guy, great friend and color artist supreme needs our help! Tom is about to go into his fourth week of hospitalization in Niagara Falls. Tom spent the entire holiday season fighting acute kidney failure and several unrelated but severely painful conditions. The good news is that the doctors seem to have finally stumbled on a series of treatments and therapies that have Tom seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. The bad news is that Tom, uninsured and unable to work since the beginning of December, is in a tough financial bind.

Can you help? If everyone who reads this blog were to contribute even one dollar apiece it would be a tremendous boon to Tom. If you want to do a good deed and are able, Tom and I would be so grateful. You can send any contributions to my PayPal account ( and I will pass 100% (plus) along to Tom.

Tom's cable service has been shut down but he has internet access in the hospital. If you wish to contact him, his address is:

Thanks so much to all those who can and will help. Tom colored the pieces shown here and it shows what a great talent he is. I appreciate your time and consideration. Thanks.


I'm adding this story to my post for tomorrow, along with a link to your article and Alan K.'s link. Hope that helps!
Papa English said…
Hi Dan,

I just sent a few dollars to Alan's account and posted a link to your blog on my Facebook page (not sure how much good my small circle of friends will do Tom, but I came here after saw the link on Groovy Agent's site.)

Tim Finney

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