Happy Birthday Bob Almond

Look at that head - butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.  It's Bob Almond's birthday today.  Born a few months, well, eight to be precise, before I was, Bob has cemented his place in comic book history as an artist, a historian and as one of the most pro-active when it comes to recognising the proper place of the inker in the creative process of comic book art.

Bob's self-portrait
If Bob has a flaw, and he'd say he has several, it's that he's far too self-depreciating.  Tell Bob that he's good and he'll gleefully point out that he's not as good as Bob McLeod, Terry Austin, Scott Williams or Joe Sinnott.  You see, Bob misses the point at times, he is bloody good, and he's a cut above the rest of the pack when it comes to inking, but he has a tendency to judge himself against the cream of the crop.  Not a bad thing really, as it shows that he's always striving to be better than he is, but in doing so he does lose sight of how good he is.

Bob, you're a bloody good inker and anyone who argues that is an idiot.  You may not be as good as Tom Palmer or Klaus Janson, but then other than Tom and Klaus, who is?

Plus Bob is an excellent friend, and that counts for a lot.  He's dedicated and loyal.  His work with the Inkwell Awards can't be underestimated - without his efforts the awards would never have happened.  His work behind the scenes, aiding others, is just as inspirational.  One day all of the work that Bob does for those less fortunate than he is will be revealed, but only when Bob is ready.  Until then, visit Bob's Facebook page and wish him all the best, or leave a comment here - I know he reads this, and right now he'll be blushing a lot and tsk tsking and about to email me and question my sanity in the heat.

Until then - Happy Birthday Bob Almond!  May there be many, many more to come!

Saucy Bob!


Satima Flavell said…
Fabulous work. Carry on inking, Bob!

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