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Original Art Stories: Stolen Art, Buyer Beware

I really hate doing this, but it's always best to get these things out into the open as the market for original art is incredible, and there are those who really don't care where the art comes from. Thus it's always a good idea to identify stolen art where possible, that way if it's sighted at a show, or on sale on-line, then it can be tracked back to the rightful owner.

The first image here isn't actually of the stolen art, more an approximation. Long time art collector, and Ross Andru fan Chris Wozniak, contacted me about my Andru Spider-Man pencil sketch as he believed it might be stolen art. Once we established that it wasn't - my sketch was done in the 1970s and Chris's was done in the early 1990s for one thing and the paper description is wrong (mine is on art board, not typing paper).  Chris then told me the story of what the art was and how to identify it. Here's what Chris has posted on his Facebook page.


Frank Frazetta: February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

Sad to say that Frank Frazetta has passed away, as the result of a stroke, on Mothers Day evening, after spending time with his family.

Frazetta was one of the comic book industry’s real superstars, as evidenced by the fact that his art could, and did, hit the million dollar mark when a buyer, reported to be Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet, bought his famous 'Conan The Conqueror' painting for just that amount in November, 2009.

Frazetta started in comic books as a very young age, sixteen to be precise, when he drew his first story in 1944, and he leaves behind an staggering amount of work, both in the field of comic books and beyond. His versatility was always evident, as he could move from the humour required of a Mad Magazine, through to the horror of Warren, realism as required with movie posters, album covers and the fantasy art that adorned the Conan The Barbarian paperbacks as issued by Lancer.  Frazetta was so good that Gene Simmons couldn't hire him, although he tr…

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