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Original Art Stories: Brian Bolland's Missing 2000AD Artwork & The Sub-Culture Of Collecting

I'm not sure if I've used this phrase here, but I did coin it not that long ago (or perhaps I heard it, I'm not sure) and I felt it was as strong as any to begin this post: if the first casualty of war is the truth, then surely the first casualty of being a collector is integrity. There's more than one reason why I believe this to be the truth, and hopefully I can get a few of those points across here.

I love Brian Bolland's artwork, always have, most likely I always will. I've always wanted a Bolland original, I have a sketch on the wall, but an actual page would be bliss, however I'm not prepared to sacrifice what morals I do have left to own something that I know is stolen. Sadly others out there in the original art collecting world have no such scruples, and will not only purchase and deal in stolen art, but will go to great lengths to defend their stance and 'right' to do so. I can't fathom it myself, but then that's what clearly sep…

Random Photos Of Adelaide: Retro Bus, 19/02/2010

I honestly think I'm getting better at these photos, but this one was a quick snap inside of a bus. Nothing was set, just grabbed the camera and took a shot from the lap. I've always found that sometimes the best shots are merely happy accidents.

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