U2, Melbourne, December 3rd, 2010

What a difference a night makes.  Wednesday night's concert was completely different to Friday night, and not in a good way.  Friday night saw U2 perform their second concert in Melbourne, to a not so packed house, and, overall, the show was far better.  The band appeared far more relaxed and at ease, all the instruments worked and with both Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde in attendance, Bono made sure that there were several references to both ladies hits, with Atomic, Heart Of Glass and Brass In Pocket all being quoted during Beautiful Day.  None of the try hard crowd pleasing suburb name dropping and none of the usual Bono preaching was on display - just a band playing a damned good show.  Another good mix of old and new, but I'd still have preferred to hear more songs from the latest album, but, such is life.  At least they played New Years Day, a song that always gets both the band and the crowd going.  Can't complain about that.

All in all, well worth the $40 we spent.  That's right, we snared silver zone seats, which were originally selling for $175, for $40 each.  Why?  Because ticket sales were so slow that the promoter just dropped the price.  To put that into perspective, the tour T-Shirts were selling inside the venue for $50 a pop for the cheapest shirt.  We saw the band for less than the cost of a shirt.  I think the last time they toured for $40 a ticket was back in 1989, so my advice to anyone is to wait until after the first show before you buy tickets for the second - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sitting in the Silver section was decent.  Sure, the band were ants, but the distance gave a new appreciation for the magnitude of the set design and the overall effect.  More lights, more colours and more effects could be seen, far more than anyone saw from the ground, or close up - both of which we were on Wednesday.  The 'spaceship' really came into it's own when fully extended, especially during City Of Blinding Lights.

More photos, all taken from our cheap seats, which were cheap for us, but not for a few sitting around us.


Brunomac said…
Dude, that is just way too damn awesome. What an incredible night. Color me jealous, you son of a gun. Long live The Fly.

And just 40 bucks? Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! I can't get a steak dinner at a decent restaurant for 40 bucks here in LA.
Daniel Best said…
We spent more on dinner that night. The cheapest tour shirt was $50 and the programme cost $30...go figure. Seats were great - none of the back of stage crap, these were the $175 Silver seats for $40 a pop.

The person working for Ticketbastard told us that sales were that slow that they had no choice but to drop the price for the remaining seats to $40, and even then they didn't sell them all.

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