2010 Inkwell Awards - Vote NOW!!!

For the third successive year the Inkwell Awards will post their ballot for voting online on the website on August 15 until one month later on September 15. Anyone can vote whether they be a fan or an industry professional. As previously reported, the 2010 Nomination Committee made up of various respected industry professionals, was chosen last fall/winter and they voted on nominees for the ballot this past spring. Previously the ballot had been posted during the spring and then the summer, respectively, but this year, in order to coordinate the voting period to precede the live awards ceremony that takes place in October, they had to adjust their schedule. The ceremony will be sponsored by Wizard Entertainment and take place at Wizardworld: New England (Boston) at the Hynes Convention Center on the weekend of October 15-17.

It will be emceed by IA founder Bob Almond and the organization's Hall of Fame namesake, Joltin' Joe Sinnott, will preside as keynote speaker, and a question and answer session will take place with the award winners. Other IA committee members and ambassadors will be in attendance and spokesperson Ms. Inkwell, as played by model Chrissy Cutler, will also be appearing at the event.

Now that you've read the guff, you need to scoot on over to the site and cast your vote!  It'll be a difficult vote though, especially when you have to decide the Sinnott Award, and find yourself faced with having to select a mere two from the likes of Klaus Janson, Wally Wood, Murphy Anderson, Dick Ayers, John Beatty, Ernie Chan, Frank Giacoia, Bob McLeod, Kevin Nowlan, Tom Palmer and Al Williamson.  And when you see some of the talent that's up for the 2010 gongs, you just have to be impressed. How can anyone not be impressed with names like Christian Alamy, Oclair Albert, Mark Morales, Jon Sibal, Scott Hanna, Victor Olazaba, Andy Owens, Rebecca Buchman, Jonathan Glapion, Jackson Guice, Todd McFarlane, Dan Parsons, Cliff Rathburn, Amanda Conner, Peter Krause, Tim Vigil and J.H. Williams?

Good luck and remember, your vote counts, unlike in some elections.


George said…
OK, I just voted. How were you supposed to just pick two winners for the Sinnott award? Is it just me, or should all of those nominee's win? I went with Janson and Chan, but I instantly regretted not voting for Al Williamson and Bob McLeod.
Thanks for pointing this out. I voted for Klaus Janson and Bob McLeod for the Joe Sinnott award. I was disappointed I had to vote in all the categories; I had to make some less-than-educated picks in the modern divisions in order to register my vote for the lifetime achievement award.


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