The Mysterious Hulk Image

Ok, all you art spotters and experts out there, here's today's quiz.

1] Where did this art appear? (I already know the answer to that)
2] Who drew it?

I know it looks Kirby, but, considering where it comes from, I'm not so sure, so go ahead, all you art experts, throw your opinions to the wind!


Anonymous said…
Ah yes, I remember that cover well. It's the Marvel Annual from 1972, published by IPC under their Fleetway imprint.

There's a discussion about it at

It's worth clicking on various links in the comments, especially Lew Stringer's comments, for more about early UK reprints of Marvel comics.

David A Simpson
It's from the cover of Fleetway Publications' 1973 UK Marvel Annual (published in 1972), a review of which can be found on my own mighty blog. If anyone's interested, clicking the link in my name will take you to that review.

As for who painted it, I don't have a clue. It's not Kirby but it is based on a Kirby panel from The Hulk issue #2, the one with the Toad Men. To my eyes the soldiers' uniforms look a bit European, making me wonder if the artist might have been from somewhere like Italy but that's pure guesswork, and based on no evidence whatsoever.
David said…
There's a dicussion on the annual at

Note especially comments from Lew Stringer -- he gives links to a series of posts he wrote on early UK reprintings of Marvel comics, which is a fascinating read with lots of unique-to-the-UK covers.

I don't know who painted the cover, but after a close look I think it was Geoff Campion, who produced hundreds of pages of comics for Fleetway. The style reminds me of the colour work I've seen by him, most notably Jason January, Space Cadet done in the mid-60s for Ranger, though I saw it in a late-70s book called SPACE WARS FACT & FICTION.
Dale S. said…
Is it just me, or does everyone in this piece of art look like they're having a grand ol' time? Just imagine everyone saying "WHEEEEE!" as the Hulk tosses the cannon over his shoulder.

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