Original Art Stories: DC Comics Meets Edgar Rice Burroughs

This is an odd lot, and rarely seen these days.  I'd not like to even hazard a guess of how many of these packs, sent out by Marv Wolfman in December 1971, still exist intact.  This set not only exists, but it also comes in it's original envelope, as sent by Marv to a former editor of an ERB fanzine, who stored it and then sold it to me back in 2005.  It's been sitting amongst my original art since then, and I don't think I've ever shown all of the scans in the one post before, and if I have, well I can't remember it.

These scans, indeed the photographic images, are probably as close as the majority of us will  ever get to seeing some of this original art and sketches.  And when you consider that the artists featured are Joe Kubert, Alan Weiss, Frank Thorne, Michael Kaluta and Murphy Anderson, well you can fully understand and appreciate the excitement that you get just holding this stuff.  I did talk to Alan Weiss about these Pellucidar images a few years back, but the brain has failed me, so I must dig my notes out one fine day.

Until then, enjoy some classic images from some brilliant artists!  If you want to know who did what, then merely enlarge the letter and you'll soon discover the identies of the artists - after all I've posted them in the proper order.

I wonder if Marv would reply if I wrote him a letter at that DC Comics address...


Dave Karlen said…
Fantastic! Thanks for posting these images.

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