Original Art Stories: The Creepy Russ Heath

Blame Alan Weiss.  For years he'd been telling about the sheer majesty and beauty of Russ Heath and his art so I began to check it out and damned if he wasn't right, as usual.  What Alan doesn't know about art and artists just isn't worth knowing.

What Alan did do was turn me onto Heath's Warren work, and, rightly, told me that it was far superior to his DC or Marvel work.  I had to agree.  I took one look at Heath's Blazing Combat stories and, to be honest, they knocked my socks clear off.   The art for the story Give And Take is some of the most photo-realistic and amazing art I've ever seen.  I've rarely seen anything so clear and pure - well worth seeking out and buying.  As it stands I keep locating Heath in Warren magazines and I've yet to be disappointed, and this story is no exception.  Written by Bruce Jones, the art is incredible and the twist, well, have a read and see for yourself.  M Knight Shyamalan couldn't get such a simple, and highly effective, twist like this to work on his best day.

Still Russ Heath's original art far outstrips the printed page and any artist today should sit down and study what Russ Heath, and other artists such as Gray Morrow and Alan Weiss, as they'd learn a lot.  Count on it.


Dillon Naylor said…
Russ Heath is indeed nothing short of amazing and that story is one of Jone's best. I stumbled on those same high quality scans myself a few years back and found it fascinating to get a glimpse at the way he worked.
George said…
That story was,well, err, umm....creppy~~~.
Holey cow! What a story! I had no idea Russ Heath's stuff looked that good!
That's some sweet sweet drawing. I've always been a fan of Russ Heath, but this is amazing. I love the faces. You don't see human faces that well drawn, emotions that well depicted in most comics today.

And the story is tremendous. I didn't plan on reading it, but I got drawn into reading it, almost against my will. THAT is what awesome writing is all about.
Steve Mitchell said…
Been a fan of RUSS HEATH since I was youngin'. He could do it all, and a lot better than most. He never really got the props he deserved because for most of his career he was a "war" artist. Sadly, a lot of guys who were not superhero artists, per se, never really were "seen" by hardcore fans. Their loss, I think. Thanks for putting up this gem of RH's, Dan. It speaks volumes as to how good RH's work really is!
Anonymous said…
Auggie Surtida

Been a fan of RUSS HEATH since my boyhood days in the Philippines. Awesome Craftsmanhip!

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