Western & Adventure Monster #1: Stanley Pitt and the Aussie EC Connection

It’s amazing to think that it’s been over a year since I wrote about the discovery of the second issue Western And Adventure Monster, a comic that had slipped past most lists. What made the comic notable was the inclusion of E.C. Comics material, something that was a genuine rarity for the time as it was believed that E.C. Comics had not appeared in Calvert comics (the Aussie publisher of Western & Adventure) as none of the Calvert line had ever boasted any such reprints. Kevin Patrick went one step further to label the comic a brilliant find as he’d not seen many E.C. stories in contemporary Australian reprint comics either, and, frankly, Kevin has seen them all. At the time we wondered if there’d be other issues of Western & Adventure out there, and, if they were, what would they contain.

I can answer both questions. Today, at a local Toy Fair, I picked this un-numbered issue of Western & Adventure Monster up for, well, a pittance really. Bearing a brilliant cover by Stanley Pitt, the comic boasts two EC stories, plus a handful of western stories from the publisher Youthfull (not all of them I’ve been able to source though).

I have no idea if there’s any other issues in this series, and I can only assume that this is the first issue, but at least it shows that the second issue of the title wasn’t either a one-off or an oddity, as EC material has shown up in both issues.

Now to find more issues…
Calvert Publishing
Publishing Date: unknown, circa early 1960s
Cover: Stanley Pitt
Contents: Redskin by Doug Wildey (Redskin #11) Youthfull
Roger Of Sherwood Forest by Ogden Whitney (Young Heroes #35) ACG
Flaming Coffins! by George Evans (Two-Fisted Tales #40) EC
Sharpshooter by John Severin (Two-Fisted Tales #40) EC
Jungle Jim: Pirates Of Malacca Straits by Paul S. Newman and William Overgard (Four Color #565) Dell
Buffalo Bill: Gold Mine Massacres by Doug Wildey (Redskin #11) Youthfull
Iron Man Of The Dakotas by Stephen Kirkel (original issue unknwon) Youthfull
Captain Crossbones by Ogden Whitney (original issue unknwon) ACG
Little Eagle: Little Eagle's Strange Flight (writer, artist and original issue unknown) Youthfull


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