Sneak Peek: Neal Adams Batman Odyssey

That's right, 2010 will see an all new Batman project, written and drawn by none other than Neal Adams.  Now that the pages have been posted, I thought I'd share them here too. The official blurb from DC is as follows: 
On sale JULY 7 • 1 of 6 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Written by NEAL ADAMS • Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS • 1:25 sketch variant cover by NEAL ADAMS
Legendary Batman artist and comics pioneer Neal Adams returns to Gotham City with the first issue of two 6-part miniseries!

In this electrifying new story, The Dark Knight faces a series of seemingly unrelated challenges as villains and allies old and new push him to his limits like never before. After Batman discovers a dark and mysterious matrix being superimposed over his life, what sort of life-changing voyage must he embark on to escape from this powerful and insidious force? Be here to find out as Adams writes and illustrates his next masterpiece Batman tale!

After seeing these pages I can't help but admit that I'm actually quite excited to see the end result.  They're nothing short of stunning and hopefully they won't be ruined by the awful computer colouring that has marred recent Adams and DC reprints.  Still it looks as if Neal is hell bent on showing a lot of people why he was, and still is, one of, if not THE most influential artist to ever draw the character of Batman. 

Now if only DC would bring back Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, then my life would be complete.


Ger Apeldoorn said…

I have put up the Harvey Kurtzman imitation story from Mr. Mystery #1 on my blog. Apparently there is a second one in #2. Have you got that? I'd like your opinion on the question who drew this. Common knowledge gives it to Charlie Stern, but look at the way that wife is drawn... that open mouth, that pointy nose... someone we know?
Anonymous said…
Kinda puts Jim Lee in his place doesn't it?

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