Michael Netzer's Adventures of Unemployed Man

Michael Netzer has finally returned to comic book art in a big way. Hot on the heels of his stunning Green Hornet cover art comes his latest project: The Adventures Of Unemployed Man.  It's been a while between drinks for Mike, and his return to sequential art is very welcome and long overdue.

The official blurb states:
An 80-page, full-color superhero comic satire from New York Times bestselling authors Origen & Golan (Goodnight Bush), In this hilarious and poignant book, Unemployed Man finds a new sidekick, Plan B, and teams up with other everyday heroes to fight The Human Resource, Outsourcerer, The Invisible Hand and other economic villains ripped straight from today’s headlines.
THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN features art by Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch, Michael Netzer, Josef Rubinstein and Terry Beatty.

On his blog Mike has this to say about the project. "Origen and Golan deliver a riveting, hilarious and moving satire on the economic malaise of our time. The book is a brilliant comics rendition by Ramona Fradon (two of its four chapters), Rick Veitch (one chapter), and myself drawing the last chapter along with a few additional pages in the others. Joe Rubinstein and Terry Beatty share the inking chores. The art morphs in style from Golden Age in the beginning towards a more Silver Age look leading to the triumphant victory of Unemployed Man and the Just Great Society over the evil economic menace. The story is both sad and funny at once. A brilliant satire in exquisite comics iconography, of how the world economy has become of the greatest oppressors of our time."  Check Mike's blog for a preview of the first seven pages of art.  It's worth it.

Personally I can't wait for this one.  In  this day and age of event driven, multi-issue cross overs drawn by people who, at times, appear to have not the first clue as to the basics of anatomy, a comic drawn by Rick Veitch, Josef Rubinstein, Terry Beatty, Ramon Fradon and Michael Netzer is a, dare I say it, Godsend.  And if you think I'm joking, check out this preview of Michael's art, via the man himself.  Feel free to click and enlarge it, and play spot the superhero.  The order the book and make it a killer!

Mind you I could easily write issues of this book, just going on the people I've encountered in my time working with people who thought that a job should just be handed to them, instead of actually looking for work. But that's another story.


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