Gene Colan Update

Well the elephant in the room is finally out in the open.  Rich Johnson has just posted information about Gene Colan and his situation that a few people have been privvy to for a while now.  It's worth sharing if only to warn others about the issues of male domestic violence.

From Rich's site, Bleeding Cool:
There have been a number of rumours, counter-rumours, briefings, deleted posts and whisperings regarding the state of Gene Colan, 83, his health and wealth and his property of late. This is an attempt to bring some clarity to proceedings, after speaking to a number of sources close to Gene and his associates.

Last December, Gene Colan's wife Adrienne, 67, entered a mental health facility in New York after an alleged self-harming incident, but was released soon afterwards. Previously, she had run Gene Colan's business affairs but after this event both their children, Eric and Nanci, became involved in that role and took it over fully in March.

Then on March 31st, Adrienne physically assaulted Gene, landing him in hospital with a separated shoulder. As a result she was arrested, a crime she pleaded guilty to last week. This was the attack that was reported widely at the time, although Adrienne was not named.

Since that attack, Gene had a protection order imposed against her. Adrienne remains in their home which has necessitated Gene's extended stay in hospital.

However, during this time, Adrienne has contacted a number of bodies that Gene has worked with, requesting that payments be paid to her rather than Gene. If you've been approached in such a manner, Gene's lawyer Leo Klein would probably be very interested.

As to the stolen artwork reported at the time of the attack, it is possible Adrienne may have taken it or destroyed it - similar actions have been alleged by Gene in the past - or that a known third party may have taken it along with online passwords and phone books. A significant part of a six figure sum of money given to Gene by Marvel for his retirement had also been converted into cash and was missing.

It is less likely that this was destroyed.

Gene Colan, as well as in poor health, also seems to be without wealth, despite earning hundreds of thousands in recent years. Where this money went is also open to investigation.

An ongoing series of auctions to directly benefit Gene can be found here.

When I first posted the news about Gene and his situation I had a strong suspiscion that domestic violence was involved but, as nobody was talking about it in the open, aceeded to the wishes of Gene and his family and said nothing.  I didn't dispell rumours as such, I merely didn't repeat them and advised everyone to contact Clifford Meth or Gene directly.  At the time of the interview that I did with Gene I made a point of not asking if his injuries were due to an attack at home, that way he'd not have to tell me.  However when Gene's wife, Adrienne, surfaced and began to attack Cliff and a few others in a highly irrational manner, I knew it was just a matter of time before several felines began to escape the sacks that they were in.  It's a shame, but also a timely reminder that domestic violence doesn't just happen to women and children - males are at risk as well from spousal abuse.

It's a shame that the art is gone, possibly never to be recovered.  It's a shame that Gene is now broke and needing money to live his life, especially after all the excellent work that has gone before to get him to this point, but the real shame is the breakdown in the relationship which has led Gene to where he is now.  Hopefully Gene can fully recover and get back to where he feels safe and comfortable, in a loving, and caring enviroment, and Adrienne can get the help that she desperately, and obviously, needs.

Remember, domestic violence is unacceptable in any way, shape or form.  It isn't exclusive to women, no matter what the TV commercials would have you believe.  Say no to violence in the home.


diceciper said…
I had been afraid of this for a while. But like you didnt want to speculate. This such a shame.
You've handled the reporting of this sit uation admirably. Thank you.
That's very sad to hear/read.

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