Al Bigley's Big Glee!

I generally don't bother pimping for other people's blogs unless I actually read their content and enjoy it.  That's a good thing in the case of Al Bigley's blog, Big Glee.

Big Glee is a blog with a bit of a difference, as Al says, "Helmed by comics artist Al Bigley (GEMINAR, AVENGERS WEST COAST, BATMAN ANIMATED, ARCHIE, SONIC), this site will not only re-visit Silver and Bronze Age comics oddities, but also look back at Al's artwork from his childhood, in a humorous, lighthearted way!"  And there lies your difference.  Al is one of the most self-depreciating artists I've ever met, along with being one of the more talented.  Al isn't above showcasing art from when he was a child, and also when he was just breaking into the industry, and letting it run as is.  He'll freely point out what he sees as being sub-standard, but he's also happy to take the praise.

If you've some time on your hands then pop over to Big Glee and have a poke about.  Al has packed the blog with scans of memorabillia, magazine articles and, of course, vintage original art that he's found all over the place, usually alongside the published version.  He also offers his own commentary on the artists and how they've influenced him.  I like Al, and I like his blog, and you could do worse than to peek.

Plus the bugger seems to have an unhealthy obsession with the original Pre-Fab Four, The Monkees.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...


George said…
I have everything the Monkees ever recorded on MP3.

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