Scans From The Vault: L.Miller: Marvelman, Mystic, Voodoo & Spellbound

Just for fun, some scans from my own collection. As I keep clearing out stuff from various boxes in our carport, and moving books into the bookstore, I keep finding little delights hidden away.  This lot here I found hidden away in a box marked 'kitchen stuff', so go figure.  In the same box were a few Alan Class comics and a handfull of Warrior comics from the 1980s.

These comics date from the early 1950s through to the 1960s and were published by L.Miller in the UK.  The ad for Mystic was scanned from an issue of Mystic, just for interests sake really.  Some of the scans aren't the best, but when faced with no scan at all, or a scan of a comic not in the best condition, I'm sure that most people will go with any scan they can get.

For your information, and I take my information from Denis Giffords brilliant Complete Catalogue Of British Comics (which, really, someone should reprint): Young Marvelman was published weekly from 1954 through to 1963, so these copies would date from around 1955.  The strips inside were originals.
Mystic was published from 1961 to 1966 and reprinted Atlas (Marvel), A.C.G., Charlton and some E.C. material.
Spellbound was also published from 1961 to 1966 and also Atlas (Marvel), A.C.G., Charlton and some E.C. material.
Voodoo, well, almost the same as the above two, however only eight issues of the title were produced, all in 1961.  All issues also reprinted material from Atlas (Marvel), A.C.G., Charlton and some E.C. material.Given a bit of time and I'll index them and post the results to this entry, so check back in a day or so.

So have a peek and enjoy!  More scans to come.


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