Scans From The Vault: Amazing Adventure & Fantastic Adventure

As I was searching for some more of the UK comics I came across these gems and thought I'd share them with anyone who reads this blog.

These comics all originate from Australia, but are, for all purposes, American.  Further to that I have three copies of #1 of Amazing Adventure and none of them are the same.  Confused?  Allow me to explain.

First off I have no idea who published these comics in Australia because there is absolutely no information about any publisher, or packager, on any of the comics.  The front and rear covers are blank on the inside, and the rear covers contain one of the few indicators, other than the cover price, that these books originated from Australia, as they all have an ad for Seven Seas Stamps, that beautiful company that is well known to anyone who read an Australian comic book in the 1970s.  That Seven Seas Stamps is still in business must mean it is one of the true success stories for Australian small business. 

The contents of the titles are bound American Gold Key issues, in their entirety, and have nothing to do with their American Ziff Davis pulp counterparts. As I stated I have three issues of issue #1 for Amazing Adventures and all have different contents.  One edition contains complete copies of Solar #7, Magnus #5 and Korak #2.  Another edition contains complete copies of Solar #8, Turok #38 and Korak #3.  The last edition contains complete copies of Solar #3, Space Family Robinson #6 and John Carter Of Mars #3.

Issue #2 of Amazing Adventures that I have here contains complete copies of Magnus #11, Boris Karloff, Tales Of Mystery #12 and John Steele, Secret Agent #1.

Fantastic Adventure contains bound copies of Dell comics. Fantastic Adventure #2 contains complete copies ofKona #7, Spaceman #7 and Toka #7.  I can't find my copy of issue #1, but I know it's here somewhere as I found the scan in my files easily enough.

The covers all appear to have come from various sources, but the most unique cover appears to be on Amazing Adventure #1.  The cover looks to be an adapation of three different cover elements -as is shown here.  The main figure of Solar appear to have come from #7 of the Gold Key series, the machine hes flying out of might have come from #4 and the lady in the background appears to have been lifted from #6.

I have no idea where the cover image for issue #2 of Amazing Adventures comes from, same with Fantastic Adventures #1.  For the art spotters out there, go ahead and let us all know where those covers come from.  If anyone is even remotely interested I'll drag out some more Gold Key and Dell reprints.  Until then, as they say on MXC, "Git it on!"


Kevin Patrick said…
Danny - Without seeing these comics firsthand, I'd be willing to guess they were published by either Rosnock Publications or Jubilee Publications, two Australian firms which, since the early-mid 1950s, specialised in black & white reprints of US comic book titles, usually repackaged for the Australian market for resale in showbags, milkbars, supermarkets and other non-newsagency outlets. To my knowledge, both companies were active until the mid-to-late 1970s, by which time I believe they'd transferred printing operations to either the Philippines or Hong Kong. The 'All in Colour' blurb on the covers is intriguing - if they have interior colour pages, then I'd guess they were coverless US remaindered/returned copies, which have been rebound in a colour cover, prepared and printed in Australia, presumably from exisiting US artwork as well. Just a hunch, but I'd say a well-educated guess on my part!
- Kevin Patrick (
James said…
Danny -- in a late response... The cover of Amazing Adventure 2 is from Space Family Robinson 5, December 1963. Do these issues have interior US advertisements to suggest they might be rebound US comics as Kevin suggests -- or do they look more like Australian reprints to you?
Daniel Best said…
James - they are indeed as Kevin describes them. They have unique covers but are just bound copies of American originals. The only ads appear to be on the rear covers, those for good ole Seven Seas Stamps, but that's about it.

I'd include them on your site, but only as having locally produced covers, with interior contents being American originals and not Aussie reprints.
James said…
I've added them on the site now at

I've put them under Magazine Management (not the US/Marvel company), which appears to be the parent company for Rosnock and Jubilee.

I agree with Kevin's assessment about the likely publisher, based on the style and contents. I have a very similar "Popular Adventure" which has only one stamp advert on the back cover, blank inside covers, and it contains rebound copies of Australian Rosnock reprint comics. (I haven't gotten around to adding it at, yet).

Magazine Management, a successor to Ayers & James, appears to have reprinted US Dell, Gold Key and Harvey, as well as importing some of the original comics from the 1960s onward.


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