Marvel Announce New Project From Gibson, Moore, Quesada, McFarlane and Byrne

Marvel Announce New Project From Gibson, Moore, Quesada, McFarlane and Byrne

04/01/2010: In a shock move Marvel Comics today announced a new Captain America one-shot graphic novel from the All Star creative team of Academy Award winning writer/actor/producer/director Mel Gibson, along with industry legend Alan Moore and artists Joe Quesada, John Byrne and Todd McFarlane.

Titled “Ye Fookin’ Coont”, the story revolves around Steve Rogers being caught in a time warp and waking up in Scotland in 1304 where he is mistaken for William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace. Plotted by Academy Award winner Mel Gibson, the story will be scripted by Alan ‘Watchmen’ Moore and drawn by John 'X-Men' Byrne, with alternate covers by Joe 'Never Met A Deadline I Liked' Quesada and Todd ‘Spider-Man, Spawn’ McFarlane. The project marks the first major work at Marvel by Moore and the triumphant return to Marvel by Byrne and McFarlane.

When contacted for comment Gibson was pleased to be able to return to the scene of his greatest triumph, William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace. “Well, there are always bills to pay, so there's that to consider,” said Gibson, “and as long as there’s no coppers or Jews involved I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“We are naturally pleased to have someone of the calibre of Mel Gibson involved," commented Quesada, "and who can argue the return to comic books by Alan Moore!  I mean, has he done anything since, well, that series he did for Image? But really, the big coup here is John Byrne. Seriously! I’ve seen his pencils and frankly he could be giving Rob Liefeld and Vinnie Colletta a run for their money on this job. We approached Frank Miller, but he said he’s too busy fending off the ghost of Will Eisner.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” said Todd McFarlane when emailed for comment. “Marvel? They wish. Fuck off!” “What th’ bloody 'ell?” said Moore when phoned for comment, “’Oo the fook is this? Do ye know what the fookin’ time is here, ye fookin’ wanker?” When asked how did he feel to working at Marvel Moore stated, “Fook off, I’m goin’ back to sleep.”

“I have assured Alan,” said Quesada, “that, no matter what, Disney are not about to be selling Marvel to DC which means he has nothing to worry about. If anything Disney might just go ahead and buy DC. Plus we’ve already sold the film rights and have Adam Sandler lined up to write and star in the movie.”

More details and exclusive pictures here


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