Gene Colan Update, via Clifford Meth

About a week ago Clifford Meth posted a blog entry stating that Gene Colan had injured his shoulder and wasn't able to work at the moment.  He then commented that the Colan family were looking after him and that they were currently looking for some art that was stolen.

Thanks to a few people - one in particular - the story gathered legs and was suddenly being reported in the context of Gene being mugged, assaulted, bashed, left for dead and the art stolen from his hands as he lay bleeding on the ground.  Good thing that Rich Johnston states that he deals in (unsubstantiated) rumours, because that's all it was.  Unfortunately quite a number of people didn't see Cliff's original post, or his follow-up, only the false story.

So, to clarify - Gene Colan wasn't mugged.  He's not near death with his injuries.  Clearly there is more to this story than is being revealed at the moment, but all in good time.  And Rich Johnson doesn't know any more about this than the bulk of us do.  The one person who does know is Clifford Meth, who, rightfully, has been made the media liaison for the Colan family.  Here, in it's entirety, is Clifford's latest posting.  I suggest that anyone who wants to know more follow Cliff's updates and get the news from the source. And if you know of anyone dealing in Gene's art, then contact Cliff, or Rich, or even me, and you'll be pointed in the right direction.


First, the Colan family appreciates the overwhelming show of concern for Gene at this time. I apologize that I cannot keep up with the personal emails; details that I am allowed to report on will be left here at this blog.

Gene now has an attorney and I am working with him and the entire family to safeguard his health and privacy. As such, we ask that bloggers do not circulate unfounded rumors. Wait for the facts.

Someone got their hands on Gene's personal phone book and placed anonymous calls to Gene's friends (among them Stan Lee, Harlan Ellison, Walter Simonson and myself) attempting to stir the pot and make matters worse. Bad move. The police and Gene's lawyer will handle this in time.

Gene was not mugged.

Gene's injuries are serious but not life threatening. He is in good spirits. But unless you are a close friend of his and he has reached out to you, now is not the best time to disturb him. As promised, I will show him all comments left at this blog and deliver personal letters emailed to me. Gene does not have internet access; his sight is poor and he was never one to email, so don't take ignored emails to him personally.

For those of you concerned about The Invincible Gene Colan books that you've ordered, see my recent post at this blog. For those concerned about artwork that you have ordered from Gene, email me privately at -- Now is NOT the time to inquire about commission work; Gene cannot work again until he recovers. Only contact me if you have paid for something that was not delivered and include payment information; I will deliver your information to the appropriate parties.

I will continue to update this blog with progress reports.


Thanks for the accurate reporting -- you've always been a great friend to the Colans... and to me.

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