Gene Colan Update: Interview & Answers Coming Very Soon

There's been a lot of mystery surrounding Gene Colan's current situation, not to mention the gossip and more.  If you read some web-sites you'd think that Gene is near death, was mugged either on the streets or at a convention and left for dead.  What is known is all too little in the way of hard facts and all of the updates have come via Clifford Meth, who is speaking for Gene and acting in his best interests. And Cliff, being Cliff, isn't saying much as he's busy raising money to pay for Gene's considerable medical bills.

Until now.  Over the next week or so I'll be speaking directly to both Clifford Meth and Gene Colan himself and getting to the bottom of what happened and when, Gene's condition, prognosis and outlook for the future, what art was stolen, and what's being done about it, and much, much more.

This isn't a hoax.  I've been promised exclusive access to Gene and Cliff and I will be asking a lot of questions as there's an entire community of people who wish to know.  Hopefully, by doing this, Gene and Cliff will be able to lay a lot of the false 'facts' to rest and bring the focus back to where it belongs - on Gene, his health and his future.

So, bookmark this blog and watch this space.  And if you have a question, then feel free to post it.  I won't guarentee that it'll be answered, but you never know.  Mind you, there won't be too many questions that I won't be asking in the first place.

In the meantime, visit the official Gene Colan Auction site and make some high bids.  Gene needs all the assistance he can get.


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