A Call To Help Gene Colan

Clifford Meth is providing regular updates on Gene Colan's condition on a regular basis, and today he's posted this news.
After 16 days of hospitalization, Gene Colan’s doctors are not ready to release him yet. His shoulder injury necessitates that he’ll need extra care once he gets home and he’ll also be walking with a cane now. While his bones are expected to heal in another ten weeks, Gene (who is now 83) will need ongoing physical therapy.

The broken wing also means Gene won’t be drawing and, thus, will be unable to earn a living any time soon as much of his income comes from commissions.

So we’ve circled the wagons. Gene’s friends have responded with the three most important words in the English language: Let me help.

Items for an art and comics auction are now being collected and you will see a piece from Gene’s friend Walter Simonson at Walter’s Facebook page soon… Harlan Ellison and Stan Lee are also participating in more ways than one.

Glenn Hauman of ComicMix will be be working with me to solicit artists for contributions beginning this weekend.

Want to participate? Contact me at cliffmeth@aol.com.

Want to help right this minute? Order The Invincible Gene Colan from Aardwolf Publishing.com

Details to come as this develops.

Needless to say I'm calling upon anyone and everyone who reads this to help.  Order the book - Gene gets the profits from that - and if you're even remotely famous then send Cliff a message and donate.  If that's too hard then drop me a line and I'll happily hook you up, or act as the go-between. But do it, donate a sketch, donate some original art, a signed book, a signed comic - you name it, send it over so it can be auctioned off and help make Gene that little more comfortable.


Ger Apeldoorn said…
How about suggesting an auction for an evening with certain people? I know I would gladly pay even for one hour with Stan Lee.

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