Original Art Stories: Winnie The Pooh Pencil Sketches

CHAPTER X, pages 168.169: Eeyore Was Moved To The Front

CHAPTER IV, page 71: Tygers can't climb trees

A pair of lithographs, as drawn by the original Pooh artist, E.H. Shepherd.  The lithographs retain all the corrections and annotations to the original drawing by Shepherd to the publisher.  The lithographs themselves were issued in England in the early 1970s and sell for quite a bit of cash these days - indeed they can fetch more than some original art from the same time period.  The lithographs, while not signed, are authorised and are also of high quality. I found these two at a garage sale for the princly sum of $1 for the pair.  Framed and matted they could easily pass for original art, such is the quality of the printing, so be warned if you see them for sale.

Still, as the average asking price for these lithographs is anywhere from $50 to over $100, I don't expect to add to this collection in a hurry.


If you can find it, and i have a copy, you can see all of Ernest Shepard's sketches, including the two that you got lithos for, in "the pooh sketchbook", published by EP Dutton in the USA in 1984, or by Methuen children's books in 1982 in the UK. Great little hardcover, wonderful work on the sketches. The first one that you reproduce is actually used in the frontpiece of the book.

the book is out of print and may or may not be rare. I just know that i'm happy i have my copy.

what i love is that shepard doesn't lose the the energy from his sketches to the final product. they look as if he just tossed them off and yet the sketches clearly show him working out the anatomy and composition of the pieces. there's a lesson there.
Anonymous said…
How big are your lithographs? I just bought one of these, I think.
Anonymous said…
Would you ever consider selling these? I would be a potential buyer.
davidparker said…
Just acquired the same litho, well believe it is a litho sort of photographic paper, only has on the first line of copy at the bottom. Happy to sell if anyone wants.
SGRobz said…
I have recently been very lucky in coming across the tigers can't climb trees pic, after some brief research I have found that it was once sold for over £20,000!!

I also have another pic which has pooh and piglet sitting on a gate looking to the skies, not managed to find it thru the net yet, however I would consider selling if a reasonable sum was offered...!
Mel said…
I have one off these
Donni said…
There's two of these at the local op shop for $50 AU each! One with catching tigger from the tree, the other of the boy walking down stairs... they look like original drawings, makes sense they are lithographs - you are the only place I've found online so far discussing these!
Unknown said…
I have one of the prints I just don’t know if it’s a litho or not and what the value is of it

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