Original Art Stories: Michael Netzer/Joe Rubinstein Are Avaliable For Commissions

You can't help but get excited over this news. Michael Netzer has opened himself up for commissions, for the first time in I can't remember how long. As Michael says, "I’ve started working again with Joe Rubinstein producing commissioned art for collectors. Drawing on a computer for more than a decade, it’s interesting to return to conventional media. Collectors want original art and that means setting up some type of a workspace to do it in. The following roughs are a preview, drawn on computer, that I’ll transfer to finished pencil on paper for Joe to ink."

Michael has gone down the digital road for a good number of years now, so it's brilliant that he's now gone back to pencils on paper. Still, the transition hasn't been without it's challenges. "First time drawing this type of art on real paper for more than a decade," says Michael, "The visual field, materials and discipline take some time getting used to again. Feels like back in school." He might feel like he's back in school, but these images show that he's lost none of his touch as an artist and the short sighted people who dismiss Michael as a mere Neal Adams clone might now need to start singing a new tune. These images show a diverse range of influences, but the end result is pure Netzer. With a potential comic book job on the horizon the resurgence of Michael Netzer is surely only a matter of time.

If you haven't already done so, you can visit Michael's site - yet another portal in his evolving internet presence - and order a commission. Until you do here's some of the best of the images with commentary from Michael, to whet your appetite. In the meantime I'm going to try and convince Michael to do a pencil only commission...
"There’s something bold about Batman’s attitude towards Superman, knowing that Superman can pulverize him in an instant and still not allowing that to stop him from criticizing or confronting him. When I was a kid, the relationship between them was that of friendly comrades totally in agreement about their roles. Aside from their costumes and powers, there was little personality difference between the two. Life, however, becomes more complicated as we grow and it became so for these two heroes who developed sharp differences about their roles and methods."
"J’onn J’onzz the Manhunter from Mars is a character I’m identified with from a short 3-issue miniseries in Adventure comics, 1976-77. Two years ago, fandom rallied around a campaign to persuade DC Comics not to kill him in Final Crisis."

"A rough layout for another take on the first appearance splash for the Legion of Super-Heroes, Adventure Comics #247, 1958, originally drawn by iconic silver age Superman artist, Al Plastino."


alxjhnsn said…
Mike did the LSH piece for me and the sketch is great. He can really draw. It think we'll tweak it a bit to move it to his legion era.
Michael Netzer said…
Thanks Danny for the nice words. Just let me know what you'd like in a sketch!

I'm suddenly overwhelmed with work, Alex, but I'm getting to your sketch soon. Good to hear your comments.

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