More Movie Posters

I got a bit of feedback after my last post, which showed a pile of vintage Vampire posters and it got me thinking - why don't I start taking photos of my own collection of movie posters and put them where people can see them.

I mainly collect what are known as daybills. Those are the thin, long posters you see out the front of the cinema, or rather, did see. I generally go for iconic posters, but seriously, I'll consider anything really. I buy them where I can, in singles or in bulk, I keep the best ones and then move the others on (we have a selection of doubles up for sale at Blaq Books). They're all original as I tend to keep away from reproductions, although some are from movies that have been re-issued. Posters such as Westworld, Godfather, and posters from the 1960s onwards are 100% original. No fakes in my lot.

At last count I discovered that I have around 350 posters, daybills and full sized posters, ranging from the 1950s through to now (last lot of posters I bought included Avatar and Sherlock Holmes). To be frank they're almost like a retirement fund as posters only appreciate in value, and the prices that I've paid for some of these are well worth the investment. So enjoy the first lot, there'll be more to come and, by all means, if you enjoy them feel free to leave a comment!


Dale said…
Loved the posters here, Danny! I've been collecting them for years as well (a local theater chain used to sell off posters for $8 each after movies were done playing in theaters in my hometown). Have some standees for such films as The Time Machine and Willy Wonka as well. Only problem is not having room to display all this stuff!

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