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20th century Danny Boy @ Pandora

Call me funny, call me odd, but now you can call me IMMORTAL!! I was approached yesterday and asked if I'd provide permission for this blog to be part of The National Library of Australia's Pandora Archive. Naturally I said yes. It came out of the blue and I have no idea as to who, if anyone, suggested me as a viable source of information worthy of inclusion.

In case you're wondering what Pandora is, here's a glimpse from their About Us page: "PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, is a growing collection of Australian online publications, established initially by the National Library of Australia in 1996, and now built in collaboration with nine other Australian libraries and cultural collecting organisations.

"The name, PANDORA, is an acronym that encapsulates our mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia."

You can colour me a very happy, and very honoured person today. This means that when you do a search in librar…

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