Tom Grindberg #2 - Conan & Batman

More Grindberg art for people to check out. Now I've never really noticed this before until now, but a lot of Tom's Batman and Conan preliminaries are very, very reminiscent of John Buscema's rough pencil sketches. I found myself looking at a few of those Batman preliminaries and thinking about Tom and his art background, so I've decided to request an interview with the man - hopefully he'll accept. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't the greatest fan of his 1990s work, which I knew mainly from his work on Warlock and Infinity Crusade, along with the Silver Surfer, but these little bits and pieces that I've been picking up recently have given me an all new angle of appreciation. Certainly his preliminary art is fairly different to the published (end) result.

In the meantime, his most recent work is the just published Thor annual - which I don't have yet, but will be tracking down and checking it out. Until then...


Anonymous said…
Reminds me a bit of Frazetta.
George "The Stooges"
Tom's work is one of those that I didn't like the finished work as published, and then saw sketches and prelims and loved it. it is a mystery why the final inking process and printing robs some work of all it's life.

nice sketches.
selvatico said…
Special Greetings creators of The 20th Century Danny Boy.
your website is excellent.
fantastic drawings.
Have a nice day.
Don Hudson said…
It's always great to see what Tom is up to and these sketches look good and a lot of fun to ink! I did work with Grindberg many years ago and I have more to say about him at my own BLOG

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