The Death Of The Fantastic Four!

Hot on the heels of Disney buying Marvel comes this brilliant piece of news about the death of the Fantastic Four:

Fox is Rebooting Fantastic Four
August 31, 2009

Variety reports that 20th Century Fox has begun overhauling the "Fantastic Four" movie franchise to take the Marvel property beyond the two films already made.

Akiva Goldsman has been hired to oversee the reboot as producer. Michael Green, the co-exec producer of TV's "Heroes" who co-wrote Green Lantern, will write the script for the new Fantastic Four film.

The 2005 Fantastic Four and 2007 sequel "Rise of the Silver Surfer" were directed by Tim Story and starred Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis. Since the deals for the reboot are just getting made, it is unclear if any of them will return.

Fox controls the "Fantastic Four" movie franchise in perpetuity -- as long as it continues making the films. Marvel is a producer and financial participant through a licensing agreement.

Why does this mean death? Akiva Goldsman is the guy who not only produced such deathless classics as Starsky & Hutch, Constatine, Lost In Space and Deep Blue Sea, Hancock, Poseidon and other colossal wastes of money but he also wrote the award winning Batman Forever and the timeless classic Batman & Robin. True, he did write the Oscar winning film A Beautiful Mind, but unless he's going to portray Reed Richards as a savant who reveal himself at the end of the reboot as having imagined the whole thing then the world is in a lot of trouble. Still, two movies and a reboot. That's progress. But hey, that's one more movie than the Hulk got. Perhaps we'll finally see Matt LeBlanc as Reed Richards?

Alas, poor Fantastic Four. I knew them, Horatio, a group of infinite interest, of most excellent fancy. Their stories hath captivated me a thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination that Akiva is attached!
My gorge rises at it..

I guess if the Mouse doesn't get you first, Akiva certainly will.

And speaking of the Mouse buying the House Of Ideas, how many people have picked up this quote: "Another big loser could be Diamond and the Direct Market. It's now possible that Disney/Marvel will scale back on production, possibly focusing on cutting the line down to what it can actually manage to put out on time and just doing enough publishing to keep the characters in the public eye. It is also possible that Disney/Marvel might do all of their own distribution. In this regard the deal can be a huge game changer or everyone. Seriously, anything can happen at this point.

“At minimum I would expect that Diamond Book Distribution will lose Marvel from its catalog as they will no doubt move to Harper.” -- Dan Vado of SLG Publishing, home of Disney properties “Haunted Mansion,” “Tron,” and “Gargoyles,” among others.

This might be the straw that breaks the back of the camel known as Diamond and their own personal monopoly. Diamond might be forced to carry a wider range of items, including comics and magazines that don't reach their own personal cut off point, that is if those publishers are willing to return to the fold...I'll be watching that part with great interest, oh, and I'll wait for the first Spider-Man vs Mickey Mouse comic, which should be due out about a week ago now. Never let it be said that Disney don't promote that Mouse to death, and they'll be flogging the Marvel horse for all it's worth as well once they've gutted the line down to a few core titles, as indicated. No more endless cross-overs (not such a bad idea) and no vanity projects. The winners in all of this might well be DC, Image, Dark Horse...and so on.

Such is life.


If the prducr's reputation follows him as you described, it doesn't bode well for the FF. While the movie version does deserve a reboot, it's a shame the characters that laid the foundation of Marvel Cmics as we know it have been the subject of two such mediocre movies.
Anonymous said…
Three if you include that one made in the early 90s :-)

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