Noel Coward In Australia

Believe it or not Noel Coward visited Australia and New Zealand once and here's the proof of that visit. This double sided card was issued as a souvenir of Coward's appearance in Melbourne on the 28th November, 1940. I have no idea how many of these exist these days, nor it's worth but I expect that the numbers aren't very high in both departments.

As a souvenir it's a nice little item, postcard size and I'd expect somewhat desirable to Coward collectors - and yes, I expect that those people are out there. I've always said that people collect anything, including barbed wire.

Once Coward left Australia he wrote a book, collecting his broadcasts. Titled 'Australia Visited' and published by Heinemann (London) 1940. Before anyone asks, nope I don't have it, yet, but considering that Coward's speeches still amuse me, I'll be looking for a copy very shortly.

Marie Ney and Noel Coward, in Australia, 1940. An acclaimed at the time, but now largely forgotten, actress, Ney toured the country in late 1940/early 1941 and performed Coward's play 'Private Lives' in Sydney in February 1941.

Hal Thompson, Marie Ney and Noel Coward.

Alec Coppel, Marie Ney and Noel Coward. Coppel wrote several films and worked with Hitchcock, notably as the screenwriter of the classic Vertigo.


Bill said…
Hi I have just read your blog as I recently acquired a four page Dunedin programme for a Jan 21 1941 Patriotic Concert with English Tenor, Dunedin Contralto Mary Pratt Conductor, composer and pianist Andersen Tyrer and the National Broadcasting Service String
Orchestra. Conductor Maurice Clare.
The Programme has Coward on the cover and it has this autograph, along with those of the other major participants. Regards Bill

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