The Unseen Peanuts

Well I'm not exactly sure I'd still call this the 'Unseen Peanuts' (and I know, I know, I just did) but it's certainly not a commonly seen Peanuts strip and it's one that I doubt will make it into the excellent Fantagraphics series The Complete Peanuts.

This strip was commissioned for the (New York) Giants Magazine, issue #4, which came out sometime in 1986. The strip is a direct reference to the baseball team and I expect that it was warmly received. I've always found it remarkable that there's probably plenty of other strips such as this, from Schulz, that appeared in publications all over the planet but more than likely won't be collected in the reprint series. It's a shame really, as it could make for an excellent extra volume - perhaps one of strips and other illustrations, such as toy design, boxes, cards, post cards - you name it, Schulz drew it.

In the meantime, from my scanner to your eyes, enjoy!


danny, hate to tell ya, but there have been no baseball giants in NYC for years. They had long since left New York to become the San Francisco Giants by 1986.

There are, however, the NY Giants, an American football team that has been there for decades and who would, in 1986, win the Super Bowl after an epic battle with my team, the Joe Montana led San Francisco 49ers in the mid-season.

Just a little Fyi.
Danny said…
Ahhhh what do I know about Baseball? Other than Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Dizzy Dean and drug addicts it doesn't hold much appeal to me.

San Fransisco eh?

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