The 11th Doctor

I'm dead sure that these images have done the rounds, but hey - I'll repost 'em. These are some of the first pictures of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan who plays his companion Amy Pond. It could be my imagination, but other than looking a little too young to be playing the Doctor, doesn't Matt Smith look a little too much like the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, in the fashion stakes?

You decide, or not. Either way I'll be watching the new series, but I'm not sure how I'll take the new Doctor, but a lot of that will be down to the bloody brilliant jobs that Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant have done over the past few years.

Until then have a peek at the remaining two photos and fingers crossed!


bloody hell i love the doctor. I will have to see the performance to judge, because that makes so much. I just know that when i first saw eccleston in the "do you want to come with me?" promo, it made my heart leap into my throat. wow.

mr. smith had better be bloody brilliant to measure up, but i think the moffat will likely give him the stories to do so. onward!!
Robert Thomas said…
I don't think Matt Smith will disappoint us and look forward to his performance and lots of hair!

The modern Dr Who revival producers have rarely put a foot wrong with casting and I trust their judgement. In fact according to Moffat they were looking to cast the new Dr with an older actor but Matt Smith nailed it first go in his audition performance.

Recently bought the Sally Lockhart Mysteries DVD just to view his performance and there is definitely something "Doctorish" about him.

In some photos he reminds me of a young Michael York.

Paired with Moffat producing/writing the future looks great. Onward indeed!
Dale said…
I'm very curious myself to see what they do with Smith here. Hope for the best - at least on the level of possibly seeing a season of a Who-connected series where the finale doesn't depend on a "magic button" and illogical dialogue coming from people at the worst times (excuse, but just watch the final episode of the TORCHWOOD miniseries).

Mind you, I had this idea in the back of my skull that the Master shows up and instead of sending the Doctor into his old age (like he did in a previous season), regress him back through the years, only to fail as he gets to the Doctor's original - albeit - younger form.

Thus, we have Doctor 11 actually as a young Doctor 1. With that in mind, I could imagine the first Doctor wearing something like this in his early years. Hmm.

And that would get you out of the whole 13 regenerations thingie anyway, as it's been pretty much said that the Time Lords' physical form in regenerations are either done by choice (i.e. Romana) or based on elements around the Time Lord at the time of change (i.e. the Doctor). So you wouldn't have to have him change into a likeness of Troughton when the time comes.

What does this all prove? That I have too much time on my hands, I believe.

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