Truth In Advertising: Great Comic Book Covers

All Good #1During a routine scroll through emails and on-line stuff I've come across this gem, published by St John in 1949. Nothing flashy about that cover - perhaps a fre of today's publishers could learn a lesson or three from it. I have no idea what the contents are, nor do I care to know, I have been told it contains comedy material - I just love the cover. I'd buy it for that alone. It did remind me of two of my favourite Australian horror reprint covers though.

Stark Terror #3, as published by Page in the mid 1970s. Contains a pile of 1950s horror reprints, most of which I've not been able to track down, having said that my indexing has fallen away of late, something I need to redress. This cover makes me laugh each time I see it. You can just imagine that the art director has run out of images and needs something very quickly, so they grab some office boy, run out into the car park and tell him he's fired and his dog has just exploded, just to get a reaction shot. "That's the one! Slap that on the cover and get that baby outta here!" Brilliant! It looks like he's calling his mate, named Vampire, whilst shielding his eyes from the sun. I can't say it scares me.

Chilling Tales Of Horror was yet another mid 1970's Page publication, and this is the cover to issue #3. Clearly when not using established books as their basis for reprints (ala the Skywald stuff) they came up slightly devoid for ideas. A good book this one, it tells you what it is, what's inside and has a ghoulish type image inviting you to either buy the book, read it, or just doing the old Sale Of The Century pose to introduce it. More Golden Age era reprints abound inside these covers.

Ya know, sometimes simple is the best way to go. Sadly we may never their likes again, and nope, I don't count those covers that were just all black imagery - nothing clever there.


Satima Flavell said…
They just don't make 'em like they used to!:-)

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