The Holiest Of Grails

On the surface of things this just looks like another tacky fibre-optic lamp, and, in a way, I guess it is just that. To me though it's been one of my life's quests, the holiest of holy grails.

We had this lamp in our lounge room back in the mid 1970s when I was growing up. I've taken this image - probably the only one I have of the lamp, from an old Instamatic photo of me and my brothers from Christmas one year, going on the look of us I'd hazard a guess and say it must have been around 1974 or '75. As we're all smiling I'd not date it much later, plus I recall we got rid of the trashy white Christmas tree around that time (trust me, I don't want that). I never knew what happened to the whale lamp though, but somewhere down the track it found it's way into the bin and I've never seen one since. I've looked and looked, shown the photo to many a dealer but to no avail - most people have never heard of one, let alone seen one. I've seen some bad whale lamps since, but I want this one - the original early '70s whale fibre-optic lamp.

So if anyone has a handle on where one can be found point them towards me. I'll even pay a finders fee, and trust me when I say, no matter anyone has been offered for one of these little stunners, it's nowhere near what I'll offer you for a working '70s whale lamp, the same as the one in the above photo. Now, O'Brave New World, assist me in my search - I'm throwing this open to the big, wide world. Someone, somewhere, has to know of a shop where one of these is just gathering dust...


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