Don't Think, Just Buy: Norm Breyfogle's Archie

Long time readers of this blog will remember me breaking the story of Norm Breyfogle working on Archie late last year - well now the first issue is about to appear and has been solicitated. Archie Double Digest #200 will be appearing in stores in July, if not sooner, and here's your first look at the finished cover, as drawn by Norm. The story is an interesting one and should keep people interested, even if they're not a fan of Archie, plus it's Norm - I doubt anyone would have thought of such a pairing back in the early 1990s...

Here's the official blurb, fresh from the desk of Archie Comics: "Goodbye Forever": Archie's dad finally receives the promotion he's been working a lifetime for, but it comes at a price: the family must relocate and leave Riverdale! How will this affect Archie's two best girls, Betty and Veronica, not to mention his best friend, Jughead? Who will rise to bedevil Mr. Lodge and Mr. Weatherbee in Archie's absence? Can a hamburger and fries really taste the same if Archie isn't there to share Pop Tate's delectable dishes? Why even Reggie will miss having Archie around to play pranks on. It's the most poignant "New Look" story yet , rendered in the "realistic" art style that made Betty and Veronica's "Bad Boy Trouble" and "My Father's Betrayal," Jughead's "Match Makers," and Moose and Midge's "Break-up Blues" some of the most-talked about Archie stories in recent years! Multiple award-winning and nominated artist Norm Breyfogle brings his fine-tuned talents to this heart-tugging tale, brought to you by "New Look" scribe Melanie J. Morgan.


Anonymous said…
My copy has already been reserved thanks to your initial reporting of this story. I can't wait!
George "The Stooges"

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