Original Art Stories: Glenelg v Sturt, August 4th, 1928: Frank Koch

What do I know about the SANFL in 1928? Not much. I do know that Glenelg's Jim Handby won that years Magarey Medal, the real Port Adelaide (that's the Magpies, not the Power) won the premiership, Ken Farmer* - the man who should be considered the best full forward ever (after all he kicked more goals at senior level than anyone else in either AFL, VFL, SANFL or otherwise) - made his debut for North Adelaide and on August the 4th Glenelg beat the living suitcase out of Sturt. How do I know the latter? That'd be due to the art above.

The image above is proof that you can find the most curious oddities anywhere really. The above image was drawn and presumably coloured by noted Adelaide artist Frank Koch and is signed by Koch. The line work isn't original, but the colours, which fit perfectly on the art are original, however it is known that Koch worked mainly in the black and white medium. Even so the art, which dates from, well, 1928, is a lovely period piece indeed and isn't listed on Koch's entry on the DAAO site, but then you can't expect such sites to gather every piece of art known or unknown. The art has pin-holes where it's obviously been attached to a wall but is in remarkably good condition - no stains, no fading and no obvious damage at all. I expect that to the right person it's almost priceless.

So hos much did it cost me? Pittance really - a mere $5.00 from a local market. I think that, as it's partially original art, I might hold onto this one for a fair while to come. After all, at the age of 81, it's holding up almost too well. Do the SANFL or Glenelg want it? They can always ask, but frankly after the debacle I had over my Bradman material I'm a bit reluctant to make contact. Now if anyone can just tell me what the scores for that game was I'll be very happy.

* Ken Farmer. Better than anyone else? Consider these stats: Farmer played for thirteen seasons and kicked 1417 goals, kicked over 100 goals per season for eleven straight seasons and kicked an incredible 23 goals in a single game - in the wet! This was all during a time when the SANFL was just as good as the VFL and virtually every VFL side was going all out to lure Farmer to Victoria - he never went. Farmer kicked more goals than anyone in the AFL/VFL and had he crossed the border the Victorians might just recognise how good he was. If I had a choice of any full forward to put in my football team I'd go for Farmer before anyone like Lockett, Dunstall, Modra, Lloyd - indeed I'd pick Farmer before any of the 'modern' full forwards. Only an idiot wouldn't.


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