Dave Simons: An Update From Dave!

This is the first chance I've had to sit down and write anything. I'm at home recovering. I'm on a diet of brown rice, fruit and vegetables in an effort to bring my body's ph back into line.

The reaction to medication that Danny spoke of was to percocet (oxycodone) which had been prescribed to me by the Veteran's Administration Hospital. Somehow I ended up not being able to breathe and called my friend Leighton who rushed to my side and rode along in the ambulance with me. I was admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia. My lungs were filling with fluid.

I was soon on a whole mess of drugs including morphine and not at all conscious. Leighton called my sister Bette who rushed up from Tennessee.

On day 2 the medical staff didn't think I was going to make it. I rallied and pulled thru. Bette tells me the nurses were calling me "the Miracle Man". Hey, how about a character like that who's an escape artist--there's an original idea :)

At my side at that time were Leighton Miller, who had come with me to the hospital, my sister Bette, and my "ex" Stacie Cruz (who is still just about the best friend anyone ever had). I know Danny hates when I discuss this, but I feel credit must be given where it's due. From the time I was admitted, Leighton was giving me Scientology assists in order to help the spirit heal the body. As most of you know, I am a long-time Scientologist and many of my friends, such as Stacie, are too. Rather than try to explain it, here's the site.

I believe this is why I am able to post this today. Stacie told me flatly "Leighton saved your life". --Meaning by using the assist technology, of course.

I had some fantastic hallucinations during the first few days. The i.v. bags they used at Christ Hospital had yellow labels. I pointed one out to Bette and said "Spongebob!" I think she thot I meant it looked like Spongebob, but what I saw was Spongebob Squarepants actually lean out from the plastic i.v. bag, stretching the plastic with a squelchy sound. He waved and said "Hi, Dave!", then went back to being a label.

On Day 5 I decided to take a walk. I should not have had the strength to sit up by myself, yet I got up, ripping out all the tubes including the tubes draining my chest and the catheter. I staggered out into the corridor dripping blood and fluids. Bette was in the waiting room and they called her to come help put me back. In the end it took two strong security guards to pry me loose from the handrail I was holding on to.

I actually thought that was an hallucination, too, but Bette told me it really happened.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to my fund and to those who are waiting for commissions, I may be working again as early as next week.

---Dave Simons, 03/03/2009


Anonymous said…
AWESOME! Glad to hear you are recovering Dave.
George "The Stooges"
bobbykro said…
Glad to hear your doing well Dave.

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