Help Dave Simons - An Update

A quick update on the Help Dave Simons appeal (yes, we’ve given it a name).

To date the following artists and writers have promised support and contributions to the appeal:
Gene Colan
Alan Weiss
Norm Breyfogle
J.M. DeMatties
Herb Trimpe
Brian Postman
Paul Ryan
Walt Simonson
Michael Netzer
Len Wein
Mark McKenna
Bob Almond
Tony Isabella
Steve Mannion
Jay Fife
Scott Wegener
Kevin West
Kris Carter
Clifford Meth
Craig Rousseau

I'll be updating this list as names roll in, so keep checking back and bookmark this post.

Dave will be in attendance at the New York Convention, coming up this weekend. Dave will be with the Comic Art House/ Serendipity Art Sales booth # 2402 and will be sitting at the booth on Fri 1-4, Sat 1-4 and Sun 12:15- 2:30. You can speak to Dave or arrange a commission at the show. Donations may also be dropped off at this time for him. Please leave them with Bob or Kim Shaw.

Ebay auctions will be running from mid next week, you can find them at this link. I'll post updates as the art comes in.

Dave never asked for help. But a few of us are offering it anyway. Want to help us help Dave Simons?

1) Donate cash directly to Dave via PayPal at -- If you want to remain anonymous, PayPal Dave's art agent Bob Shaw and he will get the cash to Dave, every cent of it.

2) Donate art or signed books (with values of at least $10) for a series of on-going auctions designed to benefit Dave. Items should be sent to Dave’s art rep, Bob Shaw is establishing an eBay account solely to assist Dave (Help_Dave_Simons). Auctions will proceed as items come in; all money will go directly to Dave. Items should be sent to: Bob Shaw, PO Box 650, Derry, NH, 03038 - USA.

3) Contact Dave and commission a drawing. This keeps Dave active and you'll get a nice piece of art!

4) Spread this message on blogs and message boards.

For more information, contact Daniel Best or Bob Shaw.

Clifford Meth has kindly offered to send cash via the sales of his own books. You can find details on this offer at his blog: If you want any of his books, send him a check payable to DAVE SIMONS for the price of the book. Cliff will cover the shipping.

Dave is somewhat surprised at the level of support he has been given and has expressed a desire to thank everyone who has made contact, donated immediately and arranged commissions with him.

Let’s all help Dave, a great fellow and artist who gives much and asks for little.


dave166 said…
Thanks, everyone. I think you're all nuts.
Bira said…
Great idea.
We really need to help all of these artists that made our path more easy!
I'll forward your Campaign to all brazilian comics artists.
Best regards from Brazil

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