Perfect Art From The Ashes Of A Dead Publisher

Despite all the crap that A First Salvo became two great things, personally, came out of it and these are it. It was my idea initially to have Alan Weiss ink Norm Breyfogle and vice versa, and I always wanted to buy the end results, so you can imagine my joy when this finally arrived in the mail. However I've always felt a bit bad for introducing Alan to the Salvos, considering what happened, but as has been pointed out to me by another close pal, if you're going to go supernova who better to flying the ship than Alan Weiss? Good point.

This was pencilled by Alan and inked by Norm. Apparently it was used as a pin-up and I'm pretty sure I do have the image in one of my four issues of Dangers Dozen somewhere, but I'm not going to bother to pull them out. Alan's pencils were very tight and Norm did his usual sterling job of inking. I've yet to see an image yet that Norm hasn't enhanced and improved with his brush.

This image, pencilled by Norm and inked by Alan, was used as an alternate cover for the first issue of Dangers Dozen. The printed cover must be a rare beast indeed as even Alan doesn't have a copy of it, but, hey, that's what happened. I do find it that odd that I can obtain the original art easier than the published comic (published 2007 mind you, so it's not vintage) however odder things have happened. The art here is amazing and shows that Alan can ink anyone he wants and produce the best results known. I'd love to see an entire book, say Batman for example, pencilled by Norm and inked by Alan. If I come into a lot more money I might do a commission along those lines.

Forget the bad memories, this is what it's all about - damn fine art by two of the immortals of comic books.


Anonymous said…
It's takes a good man to find something positive in such a bad situation.
George "The Stooges"

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