The Only Reason I'd have Voted For Him

That is, if I were American, which I think I'm not. I'm happy to be an Australian. But after the blanket coverage that the inauguration got yesterday on our televisions - and I mean saturation coverage, there's not been such coverage of such an event with such little impact upon this nation before that I can recall, indeed even our own PM didn't gain this much coverage when he was sworn in, makes me wonder if we're not already the 51st state of the USA.

Still, after seeing this photo of Obama enjoying a dart out the front of a hut in Kenya, well that's a lot more appealing to me to me than seeing some old and frankly not very attractive rednecked skank with a fully automatic rifle posing in a bikini beside her pool while claiming she can see Russia from her front windows. Her politics went out with the likes of the foot shooter himself, Alexander Haig. It remains to be seen if Obama can now walk the walk, he can certainly talk the talk though, but after eight years of Bush, well I expect that my cat Klerqy could have won the election. And wasn't it great to see ole Teddy "Lend Us Your Car Keys?" Kennedy upstage all at the official luncheon? Way to go Ted!

Here's a short message to be ignored by all and sundry here in the media - enough. Other things are happening in the world which might be considered to be a bit more important than Obama going to church and then wandering back to the White House. Leave it alone until the man actually DOES something of import. Then report it. Let him impeach a few people and tell us all about it...


Satima Flavell said…
All those high expectations are just going to make the poor man's job harder than ever. All we can do is watch and hope that a. he doean't get himself gunned down and b. he manages to fulfil as least a bit of his potential, despite the hard times.
I think he'll be hard pressed to screw things up any worse than bush.
The Seditionist said…
I'm so obsessed these days with all the misstatements floating around the web. People then think the wrong is right and don't bother to confirm or verify....

Case in point: The photo of Palin (who I do find attractive and hot enough to "do") is a good old Photoshop job. Very easy to confirm. And in a fit of coincidence, just about the first photo I saw of her after the bikini one was... the one from which the face was copied.

So for the record: Danny, it ain't her body.
Danny said…
Too true, but then yours is a society that thinks Paris Hilton is attractive.

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